May 2024

This component demonstrates a block that can be expanded and collapsed, designed to enhance user interaction by providing a flexible content area that can be expanded or collapsed.

To enhance the user experience, the component utilizes Framer Motion to control the animation, ensuring smooth transitions between states. Micro animations such as motion blur, scaling, and opacity changes are employed to add subtle yet effective visual cues. Furthermore, springs are used to make the animations smoother and more beautiful, providing a natural and responsive feel.

A similar concept of a block that can be expanded and collapsed, enhanced by using Framer Motion for animations, can be applied in various other components or items to improve user interaction and maintain a clean interface. One usage case is in a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section on a website.

Typically, a FAQ section contains a list of questions, each followed by a detailed answer. By implementing collapsible blocks, users can click on a question to expand it and view the answer, thereby keeping the interface uncluttered and focused on the most relevant information.