Spatial Are.na

April 2024

As creatives, we often rely on visual inspiration to inform our work. We collect images, videos, and other media that resonate with us, using these collections to spark new ideas. But what if we could visualize the spatial relationships between these images? What if we could see how they relate to each other in a physical space?

This was the idea behind Spatial Are.na, a project that visualizes the spatial relationships between images on Are.na. By mapping the connections between images in a 3D space, we can see how they are related to each other more intuitively. This allows us to explore our collections in a new light and discover new connections between the images we have collected.

Spatial Are.na visualization of Are.na connections


Are.na is a platform for connecting ideas and building knowledge. Users can create collections of media and connect these collections to other collections through channels. This creates a network of related ideas that can be explored and shared.

One of the key features of Are.na is the ability to create connections between images. Users can create links between images to show how they are related. These connections can be used to create visual narratives, explore themes, and discover new connections between images.

The Spatial Are.na project takes this idea further by visualizing the spatial relationships between images. It uses a 3D space to map the connections between images, allowing users to explore their collections in a new way. Users can navigate the space, zoom in on individual images, and see how they are related to each other.


The project utilizes the Are.na API to fetch images and connections between them. The 3D visualization is created using the react-force-graph library, which allows us to create interactive 3D visualizations of network data. This library is used to map the connections between images in a dynamic and engaging way.

Technical Details

The Are.na API is employed to gather images and their interconnections. This API provides a robust interface to access user collections and the links between them. Leveraging the react-force-graph library, we construct an interactive 3D space where users can visually navigate their image collections. This library enables smooth interaction, such as zooming and rotating the 3D space, enhancing user experience. Users can interact with the visualization by clicking on images to explore connections, zooming in for a closer look, and rotating the space to view different perspectives.

Rounding Up

Spatial Are.na revolutionizes how we explore our collections of visual media on Are.na. By visualizing the spatial relationships between images, it opens up new possibilities for discovering connections and drawing inspiration. This project exemplifies how technology can enhance our creative processes, providing a more intuitive and engaging way to interact with our collections.

Whether you are an artist, designer, or simply a visual thinker, Spatial Are.na offers a unique tool to explore and connect your ideas. Dive into your collections and see your inspirations come to life in a whole new dimension.